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von bug (Gast)


Hi to you, i hope that you or some of the programmers here can help me
or just to share if he has or have the same problem like mine.
So, it's about something that i though will be an easy thing that
obviously is not like that that's why i'm here...
Trying to boot the original MBR of Win98 or Dos or any other ofter
loading my program was not successful.My program is doing this:
Copy the original MBR to sector 5(not used i have the check with DE).
Copy itself to sector 1(replacing the original MBR)
After boot:
-Load itself somewhere(empty) in the RAM and continue execution from
-Then Load the Original MBR(WIN 98/DOS/etc.) to 0000:7c00 and retf to
the last instruction saved on the stack(es:bx)-->0000:7c00
* I don't know why but there is some kind of mistake mine or i don't
know... I have looked at many many other boot managers and there were
an exelent examples of doing this but it's not working again!!!!!
* Something that i should mention about is that i'm doing this over
floppy disk but i dont think that there is some big difference between
FD and Hard Disk.
* The result is that BIOS boot from the Diskett but.After this it wait
and if you press key it load again my MBR and againg and so on...
So if someone can help with advice or to tell me why this stupid
MBR(Win98) don't want to run correctly.???PLEASE i'll be very

von Vitali (Gast)


bahnhof ???!!!?

von Sebastian (Gast)


what exactly do want to do??
sounds like booting 2 or more different os´s

maybe you should have a look on linux bootloaders like grup

von bug killer (Gast)


Gelbe Seiten

von Pete Robinson (Gast)


Trying to write a virus?

Looks like you succeeded!

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