Forum: Mikrocontroller und Digitale Elektronik Billiger Nichtflüchtiger Speicher über 100 MB !!!???!!!

Autor: Rompf T (Gast)

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Hey Freaks,

what is the cheapest non-volatile memory?

I want to design a very very small MP3 Player with VLSI's "vs1001" MP3 
Encoder including DAC and Headphoneamplifier, supporting VBR and various 
MPX) and an onboard memory für about 90 Minutes of music.
The storage is used to store (erase,store,erase,store,...) those 
MP3-Files via (modified) USB-connection and will be placed directly onto 
the board (unejectable).

I thought about disassembling anCompactFlash Card, but they are 
expensive (in my eyes)

Is there a better solution for 100 MB and above?

Thanx in advance :)

Autor: Fritz7 (Gast)

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I think der isn't a cheaper solution, than compact flash cards...
They aren't expensive...!

Your MP3 player only supports MP3?

Have a look at new Formats: Ogg Vobis!

(Sorry for my awful English!)


Autor: Rainer (Gast)

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@ Fritz7: Well, I guess its best to keep this discussion in English 
though I'm from Austria :)

Anyway, Ogg Vorbis would be great, but it's biggest disadvantage is the 
lack of hardware decoders. Using a VS1001K you just have to feed the 
decoder with an MP§ bitstream and it does all the work that's needed to 
decode the MP3. Ogg still has to be decoded "by hand" meaning you'd have 
to either use a DSP in combination with a conventional uC or use a very 
powerful uP like eg an ARM - both solutions are not too easy and I guess 
quite expensive too (just think about how much you'd have to pay for an 
ARM Eval-Board!).

@Rompf: I guess CF is the on of the cheapest memories, and it's biggest 
advantage is that it's 100% compatible with an HD, which is even cheaper 

Autor: Rainer (Gast)

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BTW, what I forgot: provided that you build a case around the device, 
who cares if there's a CF socket in there?

Autor: thkaiser (Gast)

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Wird nun in Österreich nur noch englisch gesprochen? ROTFL
Schau Dir das mal an:


Alles schon drin, auch CF-Unterstützung.

Autor: thkaiser (Gast)

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hmpf- man sollte doch den ganzen thread lesen - sorry, dumm 

Look at the link postet above, there is a complete solution for a 
self-made mp3-player, incl. interface for cf-card or hard-disk.
I would prefer cf-cards because of the size and the shock-resistance.

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