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von Peter C. (Firma: adaf) (petercarless)

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Congratulations to the ICStation team! They have developed this 
wonderful water level sensor module 
: by great 
efforts.This module with small size and high cost-effective is easy to 
use.In this article, we will use the digital storage oscilloscope to 
show you how the output voltage change with the immersion depth.What’s 
more,we will show you an interesting actual application case.You will 
have a clear idea of how this module to realize the function of water 
level alarm.

Features: Simple ,Easy to use,Small size,Light, High Cost-Effective

Applicable Occasion:Water level alarm design

Working Voltage: DC5V
Working current: Less than 35mA
Type :  Analog sensor
Testing area: 40mm x 18mm
Working temperature: 10℃-30℃
Working moisture: 10%-90% without condensation
Fixing hole size: Φ3mm
Product size: 60mm x 22mm


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von FoundABug (Gast)

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Oh wow, a water level sensor working with conductivity....
How much do you trust in incrustation and long-term stability?
This is just a arduino toy and gadet, nothing to work with for a long 
time, not even months or a year.
You will not find any water or liquid-level sensors with that working 
principle in the field - and there is a good reason for that.
Trust it as far as you can throw it - 4 bucks for a corrosive PCB !!

von Peter C. (Firma: adaf) (petercarless)

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Thank you for your reply!
This module is designed for the DIY hobbyist and provide them a low-cost 
and easy-to-use water level detection scheme.The stability and 
durability of this module can not reach the industrial standard.But we 
use the high-quality PCB board to improve its stability and 
durability.If you just want to DIY for fun,this module will be a good 

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