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von Bernard B. (bernard_b)

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I'm clearing my stock and got about 600 pcs NEC QPDT relais for sale.
I sell them per 20 pcs, with the following specs :

Specifications :
Max. switching power : 60W / 125V
Max. switching Voltage : 30V DC / 50V AC
Max. switching current : 2A

Nominal Voltage : 4V DC
Must operate Voltage : 3.25V DC
Must release Voltage : 1.45V DC
Coil resistance : 60 Ohm (approx)
Dimensions : 24.3 x 29.7 x 11.5 mm

For more detail, please check included datasheet.

Price :
Price is 10 EUR / 20 relais, excl. shipping.

The total weight of 20 pcs is 380 gram in original package (tube). This 
is without packingpaper and airbubble-foil (it will add some weight).

I ship from the Netherlands by PostNL. By this, you can verify yourself 
the costs of shipment to Germany. I live approx. 60 km away from the 
German border (Bunde / Weener). I can ship with Deutsche Post, which 
makes shipping cheaper for you. However, this option is only available 
if your order is for 80 pcs or more. I will make a trip to Weener, 
Germany also, if I got multiple orders, with a total 100 pcs. So, if you 
order with 5 friends, each 20 pcs, I can ship the items at Deutsche 

Payment :
Payment can be performed by BIC / IBAN (bank). PayPal is also an option, 
but add 5% to final price.

Interested :
If you're interested, feel free to contact me.

Language :
I'm sorry, but my English is a bit better than my German. You can write 
me in your language, because I do understand the German language. "Es 
ist nur das ich es nicht gut schreiben / sprechen kann, und bitte um 
Verstandnis dafur." ;)

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von Bernard B. (bernard_b)

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Already 300 pcs sold. Found another carton box with 400 pcs.

Current stock / remaining amount : 700 pcs

Be quick if you're interested. If sold out, your chances are gone.

von Bernard B. (bernard_b)

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OK,. Heute gibt es noch 540 Stueck. Ich werde die Verkäuf beenden.

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