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von Mike A. (iguana)

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My apologies for not speaking German. A note on the AVR_Transistortester 
page suggests that members here are comfortable with English.

I hope to develop some additional features for the excellent 
AVR_Transistortester but right now I am failing before I've started.

My tester is 328p-based with ST7735 display running software Version 
1.12K (non-readable, as supplied), and I'd like to start as close to 
that as I can.
I downloaded Karl-Heinz Kübbeler's "software-112k" branch and installed 
the recommended WinAVR development system.

A test build using the ST7735 Makefile (no changes) exceeds available 
memory by 11.7%:
    > "make.exe" all
    8 MHz operation configured.
    AVR Memory Usage
    Device: atmega328p
    Program:   36614 bytes (111.7% Full)
    (.text + .data + .bootloader)
    Data:        458 bytes (22.4% Full)
    (.data + .bss + .noinit)
    EEPROM:      881 bytes (86.0% Full)
    > Process Exit Code: 0
    > Time Taken: 00:01

I was surprised, but the "ST7735" options don't match my device 
perfectly so I tried again using a slightly customised Makefile with a 
similar result: 36506 bytes (111.4% Full).

I tried again using the supplied "mega328_st7565" Makefile (no changes). 
This builds to 35458 bytes (108.2% Full).

So I'm a little stuck at this point. I get no error message but an 
apparently successful build which is too large to fit in the target 
memory. I notice the output "(.text + .data + .bootloader)" suggests a 
bootloader is included. I don't need one but can't find it in the 
Makefile so I guess it may simply be a misleading generic comment.

It has occured to me that incorrect optimisation options (or no 
optimisation) might cause this but I'm expecting the Makefile to take 
care of all that. If it's an incorrect build switch it could take me 
days to find (I'm not familiar with any of this toolchain).

I expect this is actually trivial but I have searched all over and 
probably missed it. Can anyone offer an explanation/help?
Many thanks.

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von Mike A. (iguana)

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(Sorry, this looks like it may be in the wrong category. Just looking 
for how to change it...)

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