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von Søren M. (smi1973)



For sale:
CMU200 with defect internal screen. Works with external monitor.
External monitor included.
Following options included.

CMU-K21-24 V5.22
CMU-K47 V5.22
CMU-K56-69 V5.20A

CMU-B68 v3.04

Intel based.

CMU200 is located in Denmark.
Price 800 euro

Best regards

von Chris K. (kathe)


Hello Søren,

although i am not iteressted in your offer because i have one already
it would be good if you could perform the internal selftest and share 
the result to see if the RF ouputs are still working.

You have mentioned the hardware options but which K Options are also 

The display might be dark due to a too high screen resolution.

Can you see BIOS message on boot without external display connected?
If not only the DC/AC converter for the display seems to be broken.

BR Chris

von Søren M. (smi1973)


Hello Chris

Thanks for the feedback.
I Will check acording to your suggestions.
Don’t recall having Seen anything on the main screen.

Best regards

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