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EIGEMBox-2000 is a unique hardware product equipped with required 
software that enables SECS/GEM capability on equipment that currently 
doesn’t have one.
The legacy equipment can be from any manufacturer or model, could be 
running any Operating System, or can be a process, inspection, or 
metrology equipment, it wouldn’t matter! The best part is this product 
doesn’t require any hardware or software to be installed on your 
existing legacy equipment, so you can be assured that EIGEMBox-2000 can 
not affect the reliability or performance of your legacy equipment. 
Communication is enabled through HSMS or SECS-I port.
In addition to SECS/GEM, data from legacy equipment can also be sent 
through OPC or Modbus TCP.


EIGEMBox-2000 is a unique product that enables SECS/GEM, Modbus, or OPC 
capability on your existing equipment, and it does it without requiring 
any software or hardware installation on the equipment. All you need is 
to connect the cable from your equipment’s PC to EIGEMBox. If you want 
to control the equipment for recipe selection/download or remote start 
and stop or setting any set-points, you need to connect EIGEMBox to the 
equipment PC through keyboard and mouse ports (USB or PS/2) as well. 
That’s it!


Enables SECS/GEM, OPC, or Modbus communication capabilities on existing 
100% safe – requires no software or hardware installation on the 
Enables automation capabilities such as data collection & analysis, 
Fault Detection&
Classification (FDC), recipe download, remote start and stop, and much 
Supports Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory.
Improves Yield, OEE, Cycle Time, process and reduces manufacturing cost.
Takes minutes to set up.

Features of EIGEMBox-2000

Enable SECS/GEM capability on existing equipment regardless of 
generation, make, model, OS or anything
No hardware or software installation required on the equipment- 
Plug-n-Play, takes minutes to setup
Plug-n-Play takes minutes to setup

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