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Flags, Parameter für Toolchain-Tools

Da die Toolchain auf der GNU Toolchain basiert und lediglich für die AVR32 Architektur angepasst wurde, gelten die GNU Dokumentationen für sie.

AVR32 Compiler

-D[def]=[lit] def = Definelabel, lit = Literal

-nostdinc nicht zu empfehlen, da sonst wichtige header nicht gefunden werden




-g / -g2 / -g3







AVR32 Linker

Im Studio wird der Linker über gcc aufgerufen. Damit dieser Flags an den Linker weiterreicht, und nicht selbst interpretiert, muss -Wl,[flag] geschrieben werden.



-T../link_uc3a0512.lds Nutzt ein Linkerskript im Base-Verzeichnis des Projektes

-Xlinker -Map "Datei.map" Erzeugt eine Map-Datei

AVR32 Preprocessing Assembler

AVR32 Assembler

AVR32 Debugger (GDB)

C:\>avr32-gdb --help This is the GNU debugger. Usage:

   gdb [options] [executable-file [core-file or process-id]]
   gdb [options] --args executable-file [inferior-arguments ...]


 --args             Arguments after executable-file are passed to inferior
 -b BAUDRATE        Set serial port baud rate used for remote debugging.
 --batch            Exit after processing options.
 --batch-silent     As for --batch, but suppress all gdb stdout output.
                    GDB exit code will be the child's exit code.
 --cd=DIR           Change current directory to DIR.
 --command=FILE, -x Execute GDB commands from FILE.
 --eval-command=COMMAND, -ex
                    Execute a single GDB command.
                    May be used multiple times and in conjunction
                    with --command.
 --core=COREFILE    Analyze the core dump COREFILE.
 --pid=PID          Attach to running process PID.
 --dbx              DBX compatibility mode.
 --directory=DIR    Search for source files in DIR.
 --epoch            Output information used by epoch emacs-GDB interface.
 --exec=EXECFILE    Use EXECFILE as the executable.
 --fullname         Output information used by emacs-GDB interface.
 --help             Print this message.
                    Select a specific interpreter / user interface
 -l TIMEOUT         Set timeout in seconds for remote debugging.
 --nw               Do not use a window interface.
 --nx               Do not read .gdbinit file.
 --quiet            Do not print version number on startup.
 --readnow          Fully read symbol files on first access.
 --se=FILE          Use FILE as symbol file and executable file.
 --symbols=SYMFILE  Read symbols from SYMFILE.
 --tty=TTY          Use TTY for input/output by the program being debugged.
 --version          Print version information and then exit.
 -w                 Use a window interface.
 --write            Set writing into executable and core files.
 --xdb              XDB compatibility mode.

For more information, type "help" from within GDB, or consult the GDB manual (available as on-line info or a printed manual). Report bugs to "bug-gdb@gnu.org".


AVR32 GDB Proxy

C:\>avr32gdbproxy --help

Usage: avr32gdbproxy [OPTION]...


 -h, --help                    Print this message.
 -V, --version                 Print version information.
 --config                      Print configuration for bug reports and exit.
 -d, --debug, --debug=<level>  Enable debug output.
                               Optionally specify debug level (1-3, default 1).
 -l, --log  <file name>        Log debug info to file
 -c, --comport <port>          Connect to given serial port. If <port> is
                               'USB', connect to a USB device. If <port> is
                               'USB:serial', the emulator with the given
                               serial number will be used. The default is to
                               connect to a USB device.
 -e, --emulator <tool>         Use tool of given type for debugging. Available
                               emulators are 'avrone' and 'jtagicemkii'. By
                               default connect to a sole device on USB.
 -f <type@address>             Notify avr32gdbproxy of a <type> flash memory
                               at <address>. <type> can be either 'cfi' or
                               example: -f cfi@0 or -f cfi@0x0
 -t, --traceaddress            <[hostname]:port>
                               Specify host name and port number for
                               trace communication.
                               example 1: -t anyhost.anydomain.com:4242
                               example 2: -t :4242
                               If no hostname is given, avr32gdbproxy
                               listens on all network interfaces.
                               The default port is 4712.
 -a, --gdbaddress              <[hostname]:port>
                               Specify host name and port number for GDB
                               example 1: -a anyhost.anydomain.com:4242
                               example 2: -a :4242
                               If no hostname is given, avr32gdbproxy
                               listens on all network interfaces.
                               The default port is 4711.
 -x, --xmlpath <path>          Specify the path to the part description files.
 -p, --pc <address>            Start execution from specified address.
 -k, --keepalive               Keep running when avr32-gdb disconnects.
 -R, --no-reset                Do not reset target when connecting.
 -s, --simulate <part>         Specify part to simulate.
                               example: -s ap7000
 -m, --memory <address,size>   Specify memory to simulate. Note that it is not
                               necessary to specify internal memories.
                               example: -m 0,8Mb
 -F, --file <filename>         Specify program to run in simulator or program
                               onto target before debugging. Support is
                               limited to ELF files.
 -E, --chiperase               Erase entire chip before programming target.
 --clock <source>              Specify CPU clock source when programming.
                               Valid clock sources are 'xtal' (crystal
                               connected to osc0), 'extclk' (external clock
                               connected to osc0), and 'int' (internal RC
                               oscillator (default)).
 -b, --bufferfile <filename>   Specify file to use in replay session.
                               If specified, avr32gdbproxy will serve trace
                               data from file instead of from target.
 -D, --daisy <devbefore,devafter,bitsbefore,bitsafter>
                               Specify JTAG daisy-chain parameters.
 -T, --transactions            Print protocol transactions.
                               Between trace client and avr32gdbproxy:
                                       --) prefix = rx and (-- prefix = tx
                               Between GDB and avr32gdbproxy:
                                       --> prefix = rx and <-- prefix = tx
 --part <partname>             Specify part name, fail unless target matches.


avr32gdbproxy -cUSB:00A0000000BB -f cfi@0 -l log.txt -a anyhost.anydomain.com:42 42