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M644 chip display SSD1306 fonts, 7x12 '6x8, can not compile the program.

I don't know how to contact you, these words are also translation software to do. This transistor tester is quite interesting, and I made a OLED SSD1306 display version. Address: http://bbs.yleee.com.cn/thread-41093-1-1.html. If you can contact me through the forum that would be the best。

There has A lot of unsolved problems found in the 2015.9.18 test.

1:Battery_check.c, M644 chip automatically shut down a problem,

Problem PORTD = 0; power off //switch
Solved  ON_PORT &= ~ (1<<ON_PIN); //switch power off

2:function_menu.c, cap_corr problem, the encoder is defined the same and too complicated.

If (rotary.incre > FAST_ROTATION) break fast rotation ends setting of Korr
Problem //if (rotary.count > = 0) {
Solved  korr - = rotary.count; / / increase the Korr by rotary.count
Problem //} {else
Problem //korr = rotary.count; / / decrease the Korr by rotary.count
Problem //}

3:The voltage test mode is not ideal, and the measurement is larger than 2.5V.

4:DisplayValue.c, the proposed - voltage takes two decimal places

void (XX uint16_t, ll uint8_t) {
If (ll = = 2)
DisplayValue ((long) XX, -3, ll+1,'V');
DisplayValue ((long) XX, -3, ll,'V');

5: can you start the Chinese language module.

Thanks for providing such a good tool for free. (Diskussion) und (Diskussion) am 19. September 2015


Sollte man dem Artikel etwas Struktur geben? Verzeichnis z.B.?