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von Ari123 L. (Firma: Kynix Semiconductor HongKong L) (yumi1)


I'm about to design a PCB for a project with a TI DSP 
What is the best method to use as an interface for getting the program 
onto the DSP? I haven't done this part myself before. I'll be using CCS 
v4 and my motherboard has usb 2.0 pots and a parallel port but I'd 
rather use the USB so that I could keep using whatever cable I need to 
get in the future. I'd prefer a low cost solution, I saw some JTAG 
emulators that cost 100's which is more expensive than I thought would 
be necessary, however it would be helpful to be able to debug when I'm 
programming. Thanks

von Martin K. (mkmannheim) Benutzerseite


An USB to JTAG adapter might be suitable for you t.m.m

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