News NanoVM - Java für AVR

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"NanoVM": ist eine Java-VM für 
AVR-Mikrocontroller. Der Sourcecode ist unter der GPL verfügbar.

* Support for standard java bytecode
* Complete 15 bit integer arithmetic
* Garbage collection
* Bootloader for simple application upload
* Tested with Suns JDK and IBMs jikes
* Supports inheritance
* Unified stack and heap architecture
* Requires less than 8kBytes of code memory
* 512 Bytes code storage for java byte code (the complete 512 eeprom 
bytes available on the AVR ATmega8 CPU)
* 768 Bytes application RAM available (of 1k total  RAM available on the 
AVR ATmega8 CPU)
* Native classes include:
** java/lang/Object (object handling)
** java/lang/System (IO handling)
** java/io/PrintStream (console output)
** java/lang/StringBuffer (string processing)
** asuro (asuro control)


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