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Autor: Martijn Broens (Gast)

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Hi all,

I'm new to the msp-gcc stuf, up until now i've always been using IAR,
but i'd like to experiment more with GCC. i've lready downloaded
Cygwin (i'm running WinXp Pro on a laptop) but i don't quite follow
the isntructions on the msp intro page.
I've opend Cygwin bash and created the dir. but "wget
wil not run since it complains that it doesn't know wget??  did i miss

please advice
thanks Martijn

Autor: Eric Weddington (Gast)

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Cygwin contains many, many packages. In the Cygwin Setup program, go to
the "Web" portion of the tree and you will find wget there.

[Sorry for English in a German language Forum.]

Autor: Thomas Klepp (Gast)

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Hi Martijn,

hm ... looks like a Unix problem under Windows :-)) I think, you're
normaly a Windows user? Right?

Ok: under bash try at first:

> whereis wget

You should get nothing or any error message. (I hope, that you have a
normal cygwin installation and whereis will be found)

Alternatively you can search with Windows search for wget.exe.

Next you should look, what's in your PATH variable included:

> echo $PATH

If the found path for wget not included, include it with:

> set PATH=$PATH:<your path here without the last backslash>

Then bash should find wget, try it with:

> wget --help

If you get a help message from wget, all is ok, if not ... it's a
problem! :-))


Autor: Martijn Broens (Gast)

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Danke allen fur ihre hilfe,

sorry for my german, i can read it but my writing is very poor, i found
that the standard installation of Cygwin does not include all that is
needed, so i now reinstalled Cygwin with a lot more extra's. thanks.

Autor: Martijn Broens (Gast)

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Sorry for disturbing you all again,
i can now get to the following, but not pass it.

"cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/mspgcc login"

could any one help me out thanks


Autor: Andreas Schwarz (andreas) (Admin) Benutzerseite Flattr this

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Did you install the CVS package?

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