Forum: Mikrocontroller und Digitale Elektronik Olimex USB and IAR 4.10

Autor: daniel (Gast)

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Does anybody know how to work with the Olimex USB adapter using IAR 
I have already reinstalled the new .dll of the IAR 4.10A.

Error messages:
interface dll version unknown
Failed to load debugee: V:\Übungskopie von 

Olimex USB MSP-JTAG-Tiny
IAR Embedded Workbench for MSP430, v. 4.10A
Texas Instruments MSP 430 F 2232

Thank you for help!

Autor: Christian R. (supachris)

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The actual IAR has its own DLLs and so on for the Olimex Debugger. You 
have to choose Olimex USB in the debugger options dialog. I tested this 
a few weeks ago, it worked without any modifying or replacing the DLLs.

Autor: daniel (Gast)

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That is what the IAR support told me, too and i did so. I have 
reinstalled the USB-Controller also with the given driver files of the 
IAR 4.10A.

I choosed the Olimex USB in the debugger options dialog, but I have 
still the error messages complaining unknown dll versions.

My collegue has the same problem. The Olimex LPT works fine, but the 
Olimex USB does not work.

Autor: Rex (Gast)

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Try removing(delete by hand) all driver files then install them again.
Are you using Vista?
You could also try the new drivers 1.013 

I also have a problem with Olimex USB.
I've upgraded from 3.40A to 4.10A and now, when i start debugging the 
MSP, i get a windows error. IAR crashes...
I can compile the code... everything looks fine, when it should start 
donwloading the code to the MSP, i get 2 error windows, exactly equal 
and IAR closes...
I've installed in another computer and it works fine.
The first times i've runned it it crashed, then it started working (2 
days :) ) and now it's crashing again!
Can't understand it...

Thank's for any input.

Autor: Visitor (Gast)

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Hi all,

if IAR crashes, just try REMOVING all license keys that appear on the 
"IAR License Manager" on the START menu and only leaving the lincense 
you want to use. Remove specially all "Evaluation" licenses! Only ONE 
license should remain. With this done, it should not CRASH anymore. This 
is just for the case where the IAR CRAHSES when trying to download, 
starting C-SPY! If this does not help, then elliminate all traces of IAR 
on disc and registry and re-install with a single lincense.

Hope this helps...
see ya!

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